Landscape Design

The design process always begins with an initial consultation with a landscape architect or designer. At Solterra Landscape we strive to tailor your landscape design to reflect your personal tastes as well as your preferences regarding the affordability and manageability of the landscape. Our specialists gather impressions from the consultation meeting and begin designing your new landscape. Two proposals are involved: A design proposal with the price to create the landscape plan, and an installation proposal with the price to install it.

Our designs select plants based on numerous characteristics such as year-round interest, diverse color palette selection, foliage textures, plant size, consideration of architectural elements, maintenance needs and your preferences. Once the landscape plan is drawn and quantities of plants are determined, we’ll meet with you for the presentation of the landscape plan. If revisions are discussed, drawings, plant lists, timelines and estimates will be modified, and presented again. Once the design process is finished, details are finalized and a price is agreed upon, the installation process can begin.

Pool Design

Pool Designed