yellow rose

Growing Roses in Atlanta

What does low maintenance mean? Low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance but it definitely can mean much less time caring for a plant that may otherwise require regular pruning or insect and disease control.   Roses have deservedly earned the reputation of being difficult and time consuming to grow but today there are a multitude of […]

Containers for Good Day Atlanta

MATERIALS: Container with drainage holes Styrofoam Peanuts Good Potting Soil w/Fertilizer Soil Moisture Crystals STRAWBERRY POT a. Rosemary b. Parsley c. Cilantro d. Lemon Thyme e. Oregano f. Chives g. Spearmint VEGETABLES in long container a. Romaine Lettuce b. Baby Leaf Lettuce c. Brussel Sprouts d. Red Cabbage PACIFIC NORTHWEST a. Cedar b. Blue Star […]