Outdoor Patio

Creating Outdoor Rooms

TYPES OF OUTDOOR ROOMS Sleeping, Reclining, Reading Areas:  On a beautiful day, haven’t you ever just felt like lying down to relax and feel the breeze and hear the birds and squirrels chatter?  You can when you have an outdoor bed or sofa.  Much like the appeal of sleeping inside a screened porch when the […]

Window Box Colot

Small Space Gardening

Small Space Design Considerations 1. Consider the type of space  How much space is there?  How do you want to use the space?  What garden theme excites you? 2. What level of maintenance will be provided? 3. Will furniture be included?  What type of furniture and how much space will it require? 4. What type […]

mature landscape

Renovating Older Landscapes

Many homes within the Atlanta Perimeter area have a mature landscape that is looking tired and outdated.  If you are one of these homeowners, you may be unsure what to do about it or where to start.  Following are some tips to guide you in understanding what can be done: A.  TYPICAL AGE FOR RENOVATION […]