Intro to Turf Diseases

Control of Landscape Pests and Turf Diseases As the weather turns warmer and more humid, the activity of and damage from landscape pests and turf diseases become an issue. Of most concern to most homeowners is damage to lawns from fungus activity. The most common turf diseases that affect our 3 most common types of turf grass […]

spring lawn

Transitioning to Spring Lawn Care

Transitioning from the cold winter months to the spring warmth can be a welcome reprieve for us, but for our lawns it’s one of the most difficult yet most important times. If we want a healthy, green lawn all summer long, what we do from February to April is vital. Here’s a helpful run down […]

frosted plant

Extreme Cold Weather Protection

Extreme Winter Cold Protection for Your Plants Winter is finally here and with it comes our crazy Atlanta temperatures! Most of your landscape plants will be fine during this period but occasionally with extreme cold like we are having now some plants may show damage.   Right now the most important plants to protect are those that […]