frosted plant

Extreme Cold Weather Protection

Extreme Winter Cold Protection for Your Plants Winter is finally here and with it comes our crazy Atlanta temperatures! Most of your landscape plants will be fine during this period but occasionally with extreme cold like we are having now some plants may show damage.   Right now the most important plants to protect are those that […]

perennial garden

Landscape Maintenance

MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES TO ACHIEVE A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE [Original Title “Maintenance is Key”, Published in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine – Oct. 2006, 2007, 2008] Once your landscape is planted, make sure to keep it beautiful How exciting! You have finally made the investment in the creation of a beautiful landscape or new garden area! Now what? It […]

strawberry plants

Edible Gardens

Getting Started with Edible Gardens Over the past 3 years, we have received more requests for edible gardens , including herb and vegetable gardens. My impression is that this increase in interest has come about due to the trend and encouragement to “be more green” and the health interest for organic food. Find a spot that […]